General Principles
1-The Electronic Journal of Language and Education (EJLE) is an international and peer-reviewed journal published annually, with the exception of special numbers.

2-There is no royalty for articles; all legal responsibility of the articles belongs to The Electronic Journal of Language and Education (EJLE).

3-All responsibility related to the contents of the articles in The Electronic Journal of Language and Education (EJLE) belongs to the authors.

4- The Electronic Journal of Language and Education (EJLE) has the right to correct and abbreviate, publish or not publish the articles sent to the journal.

5- Manuscripts that are not original, are not copyrighted and are considered to be in violation of various ethical principles are not subject to referee evaluation process and are rejected.

6- Authors should submit the plagiarism report (similarity report) of their work together with the submission of the manuscript. Studies without plagiarism report will not be evaluated.

7- The article which is found to be eligible by the editors is forwarded to at least two referees for review along with a review form. The referees are given 30 days for the review. Within this period, a new referee may be assigned in case the referee does not respond. It is obligatory to fill out the "Revision Template” which is prepared by the referees or the editors containing revisions within 30 days. The referees may decide on the suitability by inspecting the readjustments as well as requesting multiple revisions.

  • •Many factors take role in the selection of referee. Experience, suitability of field, past experiences between the editor and referee are the determining factors.
  • •Author(s) may request to exclude certain referees for the reason of conflict of interests.
  • •The referee list is reviewed and refreshed and published on the index periodically with every issue by the Editors.
  • •The referees are sent refereeing certification after the publication issue which includes the reviewed articles.

8-The publication language of the Electronic Journal of Language and Education (EJLE) is Turkish and English.

9- At the beginning of the article, which will be uploaded to the article tracking system, up to 200 words in Turkish and English abstract, 3-5 words for keywords; Turkish and English titles should be included.

10- When the manuscript is sent to the journal for the first time, it should not include information such as author name, footnote title, office and e-mail address. This information will be added by the editor to the manuscript after the manuscript has been submitted by the editor, as it is already visible by the editor. Therefore, when the manuscripts are entered into the system, it should be checked that any information belonging to the author is not included in the article. This aspect is important to allow the journal referees to review the article more easily.

11-The article should be sent to by e-mail. In addition to the article, plagiarism report and an author information form containing authors' information should be submitted.

12- After the article is sent, communication will be made by e-mail for the referee process. After this stage, reports should be expected from all referees to make corrections. Authors may request information via e-mail where necessary.

13- Summited articles to the journal of language and education should not been previously in any journal or media and sent to any journal review process. Corrections should be made by the author after all reports have arrived. Corrected file must be sent to

14-An ethics committee approval must be obtained for research conducted in all disciplines including social sciences and for clinical and experimental studies on humans and animals, requiring ethical committee decision, and this approval should be stated and documented in the article (this decision is valid as of 30.09.2023).

15- Articles must be sent in the format specified below. Articles not entered in the system in this format will not be evaluated.

Page Layout
1. Articles should be written in Microsoft Word and their page structure should be arranged as following:
Page Size A4 Portrait
Top Margin 2,5 cm
Bottom Margin 2,5 cm
Left Margin 3 cm
Right Margin 2,5 cm
Font Type Times News Roman
Font Type Style Normal
Normal text 11
Footnote text 9
Tabel, charts 10
Paragraph spacing First 6 nk, then 0 nk (Table and charts before and after 0 nk)
Line spacing (1,15)

2. If a special font is used in this case the font used should be sent together with the text.

3. The pages should not include details such as page number, header and footer.

4. The headings in the document must be bold, only the first letter of each word must be a capital, aligned with the paragraph indent, and no other formatting should be included.

5. The point of reference and punctuation should be based on the Spelling Manual of the Turkish Language Institute, except in special cases required by the article or subject.

6. APA 7 should be used as a citation system. The bibliography must be present at the end of the article.

7. Articles to be submitted to the electronic language and Education Journal (EJLE) should be prepared in accordance with the template on the link. Makale şablonunu indirmek için Issue: 1